Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

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    SIMMER employs similarity algorithms to accurately identify human gut microbiome species and enzymes capable of known chemical transformations

    Annamarie E Bustion, Renuka R Nayak ... Katherine S Pollard
    Computational reaction representations and profile hidden Markov model searches of metagenomics databases can be harnessed to accurately predict bacterial species and enzyme sequences responsible for biotransformations in the human gut microbiome.
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    Autophagosome membrane expansion is mediated by the N-terminus and cis-membrane association of human ATG8s

    Wenxin Zhang, Taki Nishimura ... Sharon A Tooze
    cis-membrane insertion of human ATG8 N-terminus facilitates autophagosome membrane expansion independent of autophagic cargo.
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    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Calcium and bicarbonate signaling pathways have pivotal, resonating roles in matching ATP production to demand

    Maura Greiser, Mariusz Karbowski ... Liron Boyman
    A novel signaling system in heart mitochondria in which the byproduct of energy metabolism, CO2/bicarbonate, acts as the primary signal to tune mitochondrial ATP production while keeping energy supply in tight synchronization with energy consumption.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Ribozyme activity modulates the physical properties of RNA–peptide coacervates

    Kristian Kyle Le Vay, Elia Salibi ... Hannes Mutschler
    The physical properties of model coacervate protocells are modulated by the activity of an RNA ligase ribozyme, which confers resistance to growth, surface wetting, and material exchange, establishing a link between RNA sequence and protocell phenotype.