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Cancer Biology

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    Is tumor mutational burden predictive of response to immunotherapy?

    Carino Gurjao, Dina Tsukrov ... Leonid A. Mirny
    1. Cancer Biology

    Precision RNAi using synthetic shRNAmir target sites

    Thomas Hoffmann, Alexandra Hörmann ... Ralph A. Neumüller
    1. Cancer Biology

    MLL3 regulates the CDKN2A tumor suppressor locus in liver cancer

    Changyu Zhu, Yadira M Soto-Feliciano ... Scott W Lowe
    Epigenetic regulator MLL3 is mutated and lost in human hepatocellular carcinoma due to its ability to activate a well-defined tumor suppressor and cell death in transformed cells.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
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    Pancreatic tumors exhibit myeloid-driven amino acid stress and upregulate arginine biosynthesis

    Juan J Apiz Saab, Lindsey N Dzierozynski ... Alexander Muir
    Analysis of the tumor microenvironment reveals that pancreatic tumors experience metabolic stress caused by immune cell degradation of the amino acid arginine, and that pancreatic cancers cope by synthesizing arginine to provide access this amino acid despite low tumor availability.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Arginase 1 is a key driver of immune suppression in pancreatic cancer

    Rosa E Menjivar, Zeribe C Nwosu ... Marina Pasca di Magliano
    Deletion of Arginase 1 in myeloid cells delays tumor formation in pancreatic cancer.
    1. Cancer Biology

    The CD73 immune checkpoint promotes tumor cell metabolic fitness

    David Allard, Isabelle Cousineau ... John Stagg
    Targeting CD73 not only enhances anti-tumor immunity but also disrupts tumor cell metabolism and hinders poly ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) activity, thus unveiling novel opportunities for combination cancer treatments.

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