The eLife community is working to help address some of the pressures on early-career scientists in a number of ways. Learn more about our work and advisory group, sign up for our monthly news, follow us on Twitter, and explore recent activities below.
Illustration by Davide Bonazzi


  1. eLife Community: Ten simple rules for successful and sustainable African research collaboration

    Learn how you can engage in true collaboration in this guide from African eLife community Ambassadors
  2. Side-profile of a figure with a cochlear implant, against a yellow background featuring stylized virus particles and sound waves.

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: When communication all changed

    John J Dennehy
    Between early challenges and lasting opportunities, a deaf virologist reflects on how the pandemic transformed his access to academic spaces.
  3. Early-Career Advisory Group: Applications open for candidates to join in 2023

    We’re looking to elect early-career researchers to three vacancies opening in August 2023.
  4. Early-Career Advisory Group: Highlights of our work in 2022

    Over the past year, the group has worked with eLife’s leadership and staff to develop and implement the new publishing model and to champion a more just, equitable and inclusive global research culture.
  5. For gloved hands in grayscale, each holding a bright spark, on a purple background

    Careers: Tales of the unexpected

    Nicole Aponte Santiago, Stephanie Konecki ... Harvinder Virk
    A single event can completely change the direction of a career in science; four researchers share their stories.
  6. eLife Community: Elizabeth Ochola appointed to DORA Steering Committee

    eLife congratulates our early-career advisor on becoming the newest representative in Africa for this worldwide initiative advancing responsible research assessment.
  7. A large Aedes aegypti mosquito on a green and yellow background; on its left is a group of five smaller mosquitoes and on its right is a bright yellow light bulb

    Community Engagement: Listen to the shopkeeper

    Rafael Maciel-de-Freitas
    His mosquito control project heading for failure, a field entomologist recalls how a chance encounter led to a Eureka moment.
  8. A line-drawn gloved hand holding a scarlet spark against a white background

    Science and Politics: Mexican researchers fear for the future

    After four years of funding cuts and the erosion of academic freedom in Mexico, one scientist shares his community’s concerns about a new law that would give the central government more control over scientific research.
  9. eLife Latest: Our thanks to Anna Akhmanova

    After serving eLife as Deputy Editor since 2018, we extend our thanks to Anna Akhmanova for her contributions.