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  1. eLife Community: Ten simple rules for successful and sustainable African research collaboration

    Learn how you can engage in true collaboration in this guide from African eLife community Ambassadors
  2. Publishing with eLife: An author’s experience

    An author from the first revised Reviewed Preprint shares her experience of the new model and publishing with eLife.
  3. eLife’s New Model: Initial three-month update

    Since switching to our new model for publishing, we’ve seen consistent submissions and positive feedback from authors.
  4. eLife Latest: Welcoming our newest editors

    Bringing a broad range of expertise, 115 researchers join eLife’s editorial board.
  5. eLife Latest: Applications open for new Reviewing Editors in Africa

    eLife is looking to recruit researchers from this region with an open call for self-nominations to its editorial board.
  6. Call for Pitches: “Neurodiversity in academia”

    Are you a neurodivergent scientist? eLife’s Sparks of Change would like to hear from you.
  7. Early-Career Advisory Group: Applications open for candidates to join in 2023

    We’re looking to elect early-career researchers to three vacancies opening in August 2023.
  8. Early-Career Advisory Group: Highlights of our work in 2022

    Over the past year, the group has worked with eLife’s leadership and staff to develop and implement the new publishing model and to champion a more just, equitable and inclusive global research culture.
  9. Author Policy: eLife addresses “parachute science” to support meaningful collaborations

    Promoting inclusion in global research is a step towards creating a more just and equitable future that better supports research and researchers in the Global South.
  10. eLife’s New Model: Your questions answered

    Read answers to frequently asked questions about Reviewed Preprints and publishing with eLife.