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    1. Medicine

    An Unexpected Role of Neutrophils in Clearing Apoptotic Hepatocytes In Vivo

    Luyang Cao, Lixiang Ma ... Jingsong Xu
    1. Medicine

    The generation of HepG2 transmitochondrial cybrids to reveal the role of mitochondrial genotype in idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury

    Amy Louise Ball, Carol E Jolly ... Amy E Chadwick
    HepG2 transmitochondrial cybrids of haplogroup J genome had increased sensitivity to aspects of mitochondrial dysfunction induced by tolcapone and 2-hydroxyflutamide, compared to haplogroup H, thus cybrids provide a practical system to investigate the consequences of mitochondrial genome on drug-induced hepatotoxicity.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Medicine

    Reciprocal interactions between alveolar progenitor dysfunction and aging promote lung fibrosis

    jiurong Liang, Guanling Huang ... Dianhua Jiang
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Medicine

    ErbB signaling is a potential therapeutic target for vascular lesions with fibrous component

    Suvi Jauhiainen, Henna Ilmonen ... Johanna P Laakkonen
    Experimentation on patient biopsies, cell culture, and xenograft models demonstrates involvement of ErbB signaling and fibroblasts in lesion growth, implying that targeting of both stromal and endothelial cells could be a beneficial treatment strategy for patients with venous lesions.

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