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Plant Biology

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    Why did glutamate, GABA, and melatonin become intercellular signalling molecules in plants?

    Yaron Caspi, Chrysoula K Pantazopoulou ... Kaisa Kajala
    Recent findings about the possible intercellular signalling role of glutamate, GABA, and melatonin might help to establish hypotheses concerning the evolutionary factors that caused intercellular organisms to use specific molecules in intercellular signalling.
    1. Plant Biology

    Cell type-specific control of secondary cell wall formation by Musashi-type translational regulators in Arabidopsis

    Alicia Kairouani, Dominique Pontier ... Thierry Lagrange
    1. Plant Biology

    A dual function of the IDA peptide in regulating cell separation and modulating plant immunity at the molecular level

    Vilde Olsson Lalun, Maike Breiden ... Melinka A. Butenko
    1. Plant Biology

    Plant Arbovirus Mobilizes a Vector Salivary Protein to Initiate Plant Infection

    Jing Zhao, Jie Yang ... Lili Zhang
    1. Plant Biology

    Glutaredoxin regulation of primary root growth confers early drought stress tolerance in pearl millet

    Carla de la Fuente, Alexandre Grondin ... Laurent Laplaze
    1. Evolutionary Biology
    2. Plant Biology

    Environment as a limiting factor of the historical global spread of mungbean

    Pei-Wen Ong, Ya-Ping Lin ... Cheng-Ruei Lee
    1. Plant Biology

    Effector target-guided engineering of an integrated domain expands the disease resistance profile of a rice NLR immune receptor

    Josephine HR Maidment, Motoki Shimizu ... Mark J Banfield
    Effector target-guided engineering has developed plant NLR immune receptors that bind and recognize stealthy pathogen effector proteins, demonstrating new disease resistance profiles in planta, and offering a promising approach to protect crops against plant pathogens.


    1. Plant Biology

    Hitting pause on the cell cycle

    Thomas Eekhout, Lieven De Veylder

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