The Blog Starts Here


In the original Star Wars trilogy, Obi Wan Kenobi on a number of occasions explained that something hard to understand was in fact true “from a certain point of view.”  That seems to me the very definition of opinion.

Having written columns for several different news organizations over the past nine plus years, I’ve decided to try my hand at a self-published blog.  I expect to focus, as I have previously, on politics and public policy, with a particular emphasis on state and local government in Maryland.  I will also be paying attention to higher education in which I’ve spent much of my professional career as well as the wacky world of national politics.  Jon Stewart may have left the stage before Donald Trump astonished everyone with his unconventional approach to running for the presidency, but I find him irresistible as a topic.  Scary, but irresistible.

I know that it will take me a little while to get the hang of this medium and the various technology tricks that I need to master.  I’d welcome any feedback on format as well as content.

A note on philosophy.  Having taught university courses on government and politics for several decades, I am dismayed at the degree of partisanship, incivility and know-nothingism that is characterizing today’s political landscape.  When I was working as an intern on Capitol Hill a very long time ago, a U.S. Senator told a group to remember that just because you disagree with someone, that doesn’t make the other person stupid.  A good lesson from Bobby Kennedy which seems largely lost today.  We need less demonizing and more conversation.

Finally, let me point you great piece on NPR from this morning.

A baker in Jackson, Mississippi was interviewed about that state’s new “religious freedom” law that allows people to discriminate based on their views about sexual orientation.   The wisdom and humanity of that individual should be an inspiration for everyone.