An Election Year Homework Assignment


In a normal year, a presidential election has some aspects of a national civics class. We get a refresher course on our constitutional system. Candidates vie for our support through campaigns that highlight their positions on key issues, their character, and their visions for the future. As the world’s oldest democracy, we witness the peaceful transfer of power — regardless of how intense or hard-fought the election has been.

But this is not a normal year. 2016 seems far more like a class in Abnormal Psychology. The nominee of the Republican Party is rarely assessed in terms of his positions on issues since he has none beyond the vaguest of generalities. His promises are about returning America to an imaginary past in which white males run everything, everyone speaks only English, all the jobs are high paying regardless of  level of education, and the oceans are a protection against all foreign influences. It’s a world that never was, never could be and looks less and less like present day reality.

Donald Trump has broken every mold for how to run for U.S. President. He has assembled a coalition of the insulted to oppose him. He prefers a Russian dictator to our NATO allies. Even members of his own party are likely to feel his ire if they aren’t “nice” enough to him.

Trump is so far off the norm that we are now getting a steady stream of articles concluding that he is a narcissist, that he has a fundamental personality defect, or that he is a compulsive liar. Those diagnoses aren’t merely name-calling;  authors with impressive credentials in their fields provide supporting evidence straight from the candidate’s mouth.

Really, Trump is not so much a denier of facts as incredibly unfamiliar with them. He follows the Republican Party line on climate change but goes his own ungrounded way on dealings with the rest of the world, assertions about how the economy works, and views on the constitution that wouldn’t pass muster in a basic elementary school class.

And, if you take him at his word, he is terrifying. A former head of the CIA who has carefully avoided politics throughout his professional career recently announced his support for Hillary Clinton because he thinks Trump’s view are so dangerous. Trump has openly mused about the use of nuclear weapons as an option that should be available to the president.

You hardly have to hear anymore than that to return to serious questions about his personality. A thin-skinned man who can’t get past any slight even when his reaction harms him politically, the notion of Trump controlling this country’s nuclear arsenal should be enough to make any thoughtful voter turn away from him.

With all his faults, and I have barely touched on the whole list, the one that I find most troubling is his encouraging and enabling  supporters to act on their worst impulses. What we have observed during his campaign are open appeals to racism promoting words and acts which had at least been submerged in recent years. We see the ugly rants of his supporters directed at his opponent that sound more like the politics of a petty dictatorship than of a great democracy. Trump and some of his proxies have begun to talk darkly of a rigged election and to suggest that they won’t accept the outcome peacefully.

I understand that many people in this country are angry or scared and that Trump speaks to them in a way that no other politician does. I also understand that those of us who oppose Trump are unlikely to be able to reason with his supporters. They don’t seem troubled by the fact that a huge proportion of his statements are often outright lies. They seem comfortable with the ugly atmosphere that he has created. They clearly take comfort in the fictional description of Hillary Clinton that he and Fox News have created over the years. They can conduct as many “investigations” of Benghazi or Vince Foster’s death as they want. And,although they still won’t find the results  they imagine, they will continue to proclaim their own “truth”.  These are the same people who continue to assert that Barack Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya.

I’m afraid that the Abnormal Psychology reference  I started with doesn’t apply just to Donald Trump. Those supporters who profess fealty to the U.S. Constitution but  seem no more familiar with it than he is share many other characteristics with Trump.

As I’ve argued before, the outcome of this elections is more likely to be determined by getting your supporters to the polls than by any efforts to persuade people to change their opinion. While I have moments of hopefulness as Trump continues to alienate people of common sense, I also know that the ability to rationalize his outrageous behavior will keep many people in his camp.

The only solution is for Americans of all political persuasions who believe Trump is a grave threat to our democratic system to vote for Hillary Clinton, to get as many of their friends to do the same, and to speak out against everything Trump stands for. That’s the only way we will return sanity to our political system.

After the Constitutional Convention, Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government the delegates had created.  His answer: “a Republic, if you can keep it.”  It’s our turn now to keep it.